The brand new story of Uncle Georges..

.. Especially for my folks and friends overseas, a brand new english’genuine post !!!

There’ll be action, there’ll be adventure, You’ll be frightened sometimes and sometimes You’ll smile, sometimes You’ll laugh, sometimes You’ll cry a lot.. Tissues are sold here.. Always time to make easy money !!!..

But never… Never… Never Would You say « This sentence doesn’t mean anything »… Or maybe you will… But I don’t care, that’s my story !!!!

Hoping a english teacher won’t come here.

So, my story … Are You ok ??? Under the duvet near the fire with your glasses on the nose ready to read one of the best ever wroten post of the day.

Cool !!! So there was three little girls in a meadow full of grass running throught it.

The first one was blind so she felt first.. Nature can be tuff !!! Buy a dog !!

The second, the smartest one even if she had freckles all over her face which will be big troubles for her sex-life later, ran all the meadow over till the cameraman couldn’t get her then she made a finger to her sisters.. Not fair.

The last one, the younger felt quite as soon as the blind but just because she was amazingly stupid and clumsy. Don’t pay attention to her, she’s not important in the story.

Their father was all day cutting wood in a horrible shirt, the worst from Gap. Each time, his girls came to see him, He was taking a break using that as an excuse to drink and rest. Don’t ask why he spent all show with his axe.

Their mother always stayed at home like, according to Me, all women should in a normal world, cooking and cleaning till her loveful husband come back from cutting.

Pretty family isn’t it ???

I’m quite sure this would be an huge hit !!!! If only a major could read that !!!

I have plenty others amazing stories. Let’s see !!!

There’s this one of a pig-cat who lived in a straw-house.. Yeah I know, I already told You that one once but not in english.. So he lived there never playing with matches because you know.. And girls never wanted to come « have a drink » cos it seemed like a huge haystack and something in their head (Yeah those girls had well-working’brain.. Such a shame !!!) always rang like a go-away call !!!

So, the pig-cat was alone.. And sad… He thought about going to the butcher so all of this nightmare would be definitively over…

This is where You have to call to save the Pig-cat from an awful bloody death.. Call and give your Credit card number at « AH-AH-I-got-you-666-333-Welcome-Bahamas »

Waiting for your call.

2 réflexions sur “The brand new story of Uncle Georges..

  1. Me gusta mucho sus historietas senor Georges !!
    Pero no entiendo las palabras « awfuk » and « haystack » y tengo la flemme de cherchar la traduccion en google…Entonces ayudame por favor.

    Lorenzo un fiel lector

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